Bengaluru: Former AICC chief Rahul Gandhi was given stinging rejoinder and rebuttal by BJP’s Prakash Javdekar over his criticism of lockdown imposed on the country to counter coronavirus pandemic. 

The BJP leader said, "Congress made huge noise when the lockdown was imposed stating that it will impact the economy. Now that we are providing relaxations, the Congress is opposing that as well. The Congress is playing politics of hypocrisy at this hour.” 

Javdekar reemphasised that India was the most successful country in the world to have dealt with the pandemic. 

The leader also countered the allegations that the Centre had failed miserably in handling the migrants’ issue. 

He said that 45 lakh migrants have been sent back home by Indian Railways while 10 crore migrants are being provided with free ration. He highlighted that 20 crore women have got Rs 500, 9 crore farmers are being provided with Rs 2000 and 8 crore households have got gas cylinders.

It is pertinent to know about Rahul Gandhi’s criticism of lockdown. He had said, "India is the only country where the virus is exponentially rising and we are removing the lockdown. The aim and purpose of the lockdown has failed. India is facing the result of a failed lockdown."

What is laughable and sardonic about Rahul’s reaction is that his own government in Maharashtra has been a definition of failure and fiasco while he has the gumption to criticise the Modi-led government. 

As revealed by many health experts, lockdown has played a great role in lessening the spread of the virus as it enables social distancing, one of the most important ways of not spreading the virus. 

On the Maharashtra coronavirus imbroglio, Rahul Gandhi said that Congress is nothing beyond a supporting partner. 

The chinks in the armour have been certainly exposed!