New Delhi: In the past one week, India shot down two Pakistani drones that were trying to enter the country's airspace. The recent violation by Pakistan happened last Tuesday in the morning when a Sukhoi Su-30 MKI fighter jet brought down a Pakistani drone, which is usually used for spying or mapping. 

According to a senior defence official, at around 11:30 AM, the Indian air defence radar system tracked an advanced drone in the Indian airspace. A Sukhoi was immediately sent for interception. It shot the Pakistani drone down. Security forces could not seize the wreckage to examine the nature of the drone, as it fell in Pakistan's territory. 

Last week, on February 26, the Indian Army had shot down a Pakistani drone that was on a spying mission over India in the Abdasa village near Kutch, Gujarat. 

Indian forces used a Derby missile of the Israeli air defence system SPYDER to shoot down the drone.

This spy drone from Pakistan was shot down the same day that India conducted air strikes in Balakot. Pakistan has made several attempts to attack India, but security forces have thwarted their malicious attempts. Intelligence agencies say such drones are used for spying, intelligence gathering and mapping.