Bengaluru: In a development that brings a lot of confidence in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, PM Modi, in an all-party meet, expressed confidence that vaccine may be ready in a few weeks. 

Let’s look at some of the highlights: 

•    Our scientists are very confident of succeeding in their endeavor of making Covid vaccine. The world is keeping a watch on the cheapest and safe vaccine. That is why the world is watching India.

•    Experts believe that Covid vaccine will be ready in the next few weeks. As soon as scientists give a green signal, vaccination will start in India. Healthcare, frontline workers & elderly person suffering from serious diseases will be given priority in vaccination.

•    Nearly eight vaccines are on other stages of trial with their manufacturing assured in India. Three vaccines from India are at different stages. Experts think that the vaccine isn't too far away.

•    Teams of central and state governments are working together for vaccine distribution. India has the expertise and capacity in vaccine distribution and fare better compared to other nations. We've a very big & experienced network in the field of vaccination. We will fully exploit it.

•    I appeal to leaders of all political parties to send your suggestions in writing. I assure you that they will be considered seriously.

•    We must make sure rumours aren't spread during vaccination, rumours that are anti-national and anti-human. Thus, all political parties must make sure that we save all Indians from such rumours.

•    We have one of the largest networks with experience in vaccination programmes. With help from state governments, needed cold-chain storages and logistical support are being measured. Special software has also been developed for vaccine stock and real-time information.

The above points were as published in The Times of India