Bengaluru: In what comes as a very refreshing bit of news, the Uttar Pradesh Directorate of Geology and the Mining and Geological Survey of India have discovered two gold mines, whose collective value is 3350 tonnes! 

The two ores are Son Pahadi and Hardi village in Uttar Pradesh. 

It is further interesting to note that the value of the discovered mines, when put together, could be more than five times India's current gold reserves. Presently, it stands at around 626 tonnes, as per records. 

District Mining Officer KK Rai said, "Government is thinking of putting these deposits on lease for mining, for which survey is being done".

Republic TV website added the work on the gold reserves in Sonbhadra was started almost two decades back in 1992-93 by the Geological Survey of India. Furthermore, the gold reserve found at Son Pahadi is reportedly 2,943.26 tonnes and the one at Hardi is reportedly 646.15 tonnes. Auctioning of these blocks through e-tendering would start soon, as stated by the government, the website added. 

In terms of money, the discovered gold deposits are estimated to be worth Rs 12 lakh crore. A seven-member team visited the area on Friday for geo-tagging and mapping the goldmine. 
It is further stated that the team will submit its report to the Directorate of Geology and Mining by February 22.

Quite naturally, Uttar Pradesh deputy chief minister KP Maurya is elated at the find. He said, "This is a blessing before Mahashivratri for the Centre and state. This will help the country and the state's economic state".

Union minister Hardeep Singh Puri also added, “India will now have the world’s second largest gold reserves. The massive Gold discovery in Sonebhadra will further catalyse growth of this beautiful aspirational district, bring positive change in the lives of the people and usher an era of transformation.”