Ahmedabad: Gujarat chief minister Vijay Rupani on Saturday inaugurated India’s first dinosaur and fossil park at Raiyoli village in Mahisagar district. This museum will give visitors a true Jurassic Park feel.

According to government officials, Raiyoli is globally known to be the third largest fossil site and the second-largest dinosaur hatchery from where about 10,000 dinosaur eggs have been found.

This dinosaur museum will have modern technology like 3D projection, virtual reality presentations, interactive kiosks, and life-size dinosaur replicas.

The museum will also have an environment recreated like the prehistoric era when dinosaurs moved around freely in Raiyoli. As many as 50 sculptures of dinosaurs including a life-size sculpture of the Rajasaurus Narmadensis, found in Gujarat, have been erected around the museum.

After inaugurating the museum, Rupani said, “All efforts will be made to promote the site internationally for tourism purpose.”

The Gujarat government has announced that it will allocate Rs 10 crore to promote the site internationally.