Bengaluru: Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan is a man who doesn’t mince words while expressing his thoughts. 

For this purpose, he has even earned a lot of acrimonies, but he doesn’t seem to be too bothered, as long as he is treading the right path. 

In fact, the Governor was and continues to be at loggerheads with the Kerala chief minister Pinarayai Vijayan over the issue of Citizenship Amendment Act. The Kerala Assembly also passed a resolution against the CAA, trying to prevail upon the Centre to withdraw the Act, that only gives shelter to the persecuted minorities of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. 

Not just the resolution, the Kerala government has also approached the top court under article 131 of the Constitution over the Act. 

But the Governor has made no bones about the fact that he was not consulted on the issue and that the Kerala Assembly has no rights over passing a resolution on the same. 

However, though the opinions on the Act are a myriad in nature and differ diametrically oppositely, the Kerala Governor, has chosen to respect the protocol and deal with the issue with statesman-like demeanour. 

Today (January 29) as he addressed the Kerala Assembly during the budget session, he read out a portion of the speech that condemned the CAA, only and only to honour the political etiquette. 

But before he read out the paragraph number 18, dealing with the criticism of the CAA, he did issue a caveat. 

He said, “Now I come to Para 18, I have been corresponding with the honourable chief minister for the last few days, I have my reservations because in my view...I am going to read it, I am going to read this Para because the Honorable CM wants me to read this.” 

He further added, "Although I hold the view that this doesn't come under the definition of policy or program. The CM has himself said in his letter that this is the view of government. I disagree, but to honour his wish I am going to read this para.” 

The following is the paragraph: 

"Our citizenship can never be on the basis of religion. The august house has passed a resolution requesting the central government to abrogate the CAA which my government believes goes against cardinal principles and line of our constitution....."