Bengaluru: India won her independence in the year 1947.  Since then, India has been a vibrant democracy, with freedom of thought, speech and expression and even plurality as its core values. 

As the country completes several decades gaining independence, it has also matured into a sovereign state, thoroughly able to deal with its internal matters, with aplomb. 

Talking of internal matters, the passage of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA)must come as a watershed moment as the Union government’s decision has only facilitated integration of persecuted minorities of Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan with India. 

However, this move to accommodate minorities has not gone down too well with EU lawmakers. That is precisely the reason they are trying to move a resolution, condemning it. 

This indeed comes as a blatant exhibition of needless interference into India’s internal affairs. The move also is rank arrogant as the CAA has been passed by both houses of the Indian Parliament and the matter is now sub-judice, with the top court promising to look into the prospects of having a day-to-day hearing next month. The top court has also refused to stay the Act, as prayed by its detractors. 

It is this point that Vice-President Venkaiah Naidu drove home emphatically in one his speeches. 

"Such efforts are totally uncalled for and unwarranted and I hope that they would refrain from making such statements in future. No advice or guidance in such matters from others is needed.” 
He added, "As a republic with 70 years of experience, we have successfully withstood various challenges. We are now more united than ever before and no one should have any concerns in this regard.” 

What boils the blood of any sane-thinking Indian is how the Congress is completely in cahoots with those elements who yearn to sully India’s reputation abroad. The Congress, with the help of its overseas wing, has held several protests abroad to paint a negative picture of India, thereby deriving sadistic pleasure. 

All that the CAA is does is to grant citizenship to persecuted minorities who have been staying in India before December 31, 2014. With this one-time offer, it is estimated a little over than 30,000 people will benefit, thereby helping them escape humiliation of the worst kind.