Bengaluru: Close on the heels of BS Yeddyurappa being mocked on Pakistan media for his ludicrous political remarks, there is one more issue which many might have missed out! Pakistan Prime Minister, on the floor of the parliament, eulogised and extolled an Islamic ruler who has robustly contributed to creating chasms in modern-day society.

While some view him as the Tiger of Mysore, some others view as a tyrant, who disdainfully butchered Hindus, for promulgation of Islamic ideals!

And there are no prizes for his guessing his name! It’s indeed Tipu Sultan!

On Thursday, Imran Khan made a comparison between two Islamic rulers Bahadur Shah Zafar and Tipu Sultan.

He said, “We’d heard about the two kings. But our hero is Tipu Sultan. As a dignified nation, we will fight till our last breath if forced to choose between freedom and slavery.”

But why on earth would a Pakistan PM be referring to an Islamic ruler, that too, from the down south of India?

That precisely brings us to the issue of politics that surrounds the erstwhile ruler.

Make no mistake about it. It was former chief minister Siddaramaiah who broached the issue of celebrating Tipu’s Jayanti on a government platform.   And the moment he made up his mind to make it a government-sponsored event, all hell broke loose. In fact, during the celebrations annually, a number of violence-related activities have been reported. And now, Siddaramaiah’s successor HD Kumaraswamy too has continued to celebrate the Jayanti, with much criticism being levelled.

Politics in Karnataka having its repercussions in the distant Pakistan is nothing new. It certainly doesn’t take the brains of Einstein or Newton to understand that politicians in the state have offered the issue on a platter to Pakistan.

If one goes back in time, one would certainly remember how Pakistan had paid glowing encomiums to Tipu, just days ahead of Karnataka state assembly elections.

Such tweets have only increased the polarisation in the society, with BJP squarely blaming the Congress for the entire mess.

“Hailing Tipu Sultan as a hero is a version which Muslims all over the world believe in. He might be a hero for Muslims because he was a primitive jihadi who tortured and massacred Hindus. But India will never accept him as a hero. It is the Congress which has been playing it into the hands of Pakistan. Interestingly, Congressmen have thanked Imran Khan for releasing wing commander Abhinandan. What was the need to thank him? What about the martyrs?”  says Go Madhusudhan, a BJP spokesperson.  

The need of the hour is to facilitate communal harmony. The Congress party would be doing well not to fan embers of a discord, which Pakistan wants.

And Imran Khan stands thoroughly exposed. On one hand, he says he wants peace and releases wing commander Abhinandan, and on the other, he tries to infuse fissures in the Indian society by pitting one community against the other. It is a shame!