Bengaluru: A video of I Monetary Advisory owner Mansoor Khan has emerged. In the video, he has revealed that he was not running a ponzi scheme and has requested Bengaluru City Police Commissioner Alok Kumar to get in touch with him. The accused has also given his number.

Explaining how many thousands of families he has helped, Mansoor Khan said that he was backstabbed by people whom he trusted and that he wants to sort things out.

Though the reports claim that he has cheated the people to the tune of Rs 10,000 crore, he said in the video that his properties worth Rs 1,300 crore will be liquidated and he will give back people their hard-earned money.

So far, more than 40,000 complaints have been filed against IMA that worked as a bank and got crores of rupees from people, majorly Muslims, to invest in the company. Currently, the Interpol has issued a 'Blue Corner Notice' against Msnsoor Khan.  Blue Notice facilitates cops to locate, identify or obtain information on a person of interest in a criminal investigation.

In the video, Mansoor Khan is heard saying that, people were trying to trounce him for 12 years and their plan has succeeded now as IMA has been declared as a scam.

But he said, "I want to come back. I tried to come on June 14, but as my passport was confiscated. I was sent back by the immigrant officers."

He gave his number in the video and appealed to Bengaluru City Police Commissioner Alok Kumar that he will completely cooperate with the investigation.

"I will keep everything in black and white before the public.  In 13 years, I have given income to around 21,000 families. All India, IMA has been looking after the education of 18,000 students.  I have provided monthly rations to at least 7,300 families in all these years. But sadly, all these thousands of people failed to even take care of one member of my family," he said.

"In 13 years, IMA has given Rs 12,000 crore profit in various entities to our investors. We have also returned around Rs 2,000 crore capital investment."

"99% of the people are spreading fake news about me. I was never running a ponzi scheme. It was a true business. Who is the reason behind collapse of this business, what kind of corruption took place, who is involved in this? The entire list of people who tried to make me bankrupt is with me. I will keep everything in front of the department concerned," Khan said.

"I will bring out all the names when I come in front of the judiciary," he added.

"The names involved in this are big shots and I am sure I will not be spared for this and I my life will be in danger. If I reveal their names now, I am sure my family that is in hiding in India will be finished, " Khan said.

"I am coming back despite the fact that I can get killed in custody, while being taken to court or even on road, because it is public money and it has to be given back to people," he said.