Bengaluru: While there seems to be a needless controversy over the exclusion of syllabus as regards CBSE, none other than Ramesh Pokhriyal, the HRD minister has come out in the open and given a clarification.
He said, “There has been a lot of uninformed commentary on the exclusion of some topics from #CBSESyllabus. The problem with these comments is that they resort to sensationalism by connecting topics selectively to portray a false narrative.” 


He added, “The exclusions are merely a 1-time measure for exams.”

He again added that it was easy to selectively pick exclusion of 3-4 topics like nationalism, local government, federalism, etc. and build a false narrative around it. 

It should also be known that the exclusion is happening across subjects. He added that Measures of Dispersion, Balance of Payments Deficit, etc., in Economics and Heat Engine & Refrigerator, Heat Transfer, Convection & Radiation in Physics are a few examples of excluded topics.


It has been reported widely that the mainstream media has twisted facts in order to put the government in a bad light. One such observation is this: “The government’s critics have underlined that many of the axed topics tend to promote knowledge and ideas that are unfriendly to the RSS-BJP ideology,” as reported by The Telegraph. 

What’s worse is how journalists who claim themselves to be very neutral, often expose themselves by tweeting wrongly. 

Nidhi Razdan of NDTV had put out a tweet saying, “Remove the chapter on democracy too and be done with it.” 

It is also interesting to note that several media channels have resorted to twisting of facts and figures in order to suit their narrative. A prime example of such an act would be how the Prime Minister’s statement on Galwan Valley clashes, after his all-party meet, was deliberately misinterpreted. The PMO was forced to give a clarification.