Bengaluru: To aid and contribute towards mitigating the consequences of coronavirus, the defence forces are doing their bit. 

From building covid centres in cities like Lucknow and Ahmedabad and helping in transportation of the vital vaccines to different parts of the country, our forces have done their part. 

In fact, defence minister Rajnath Singh held a meeting with officials to further decide on the issue. 

India Today reported that issues related to emergency procurement of equipment to enhance infrastructure and setting up Covid-19 hospitals at the earliest to assist the civil administration in the states badly affected by the coronavirus pandemic were discussed. 

“A structured dialogue with all stakeholders took place. All forces and DRDO have been asked to make an analysis and then discuss with state governments how they can help,” the website quoted a defence source. 

It is also to be noted that, in relation to oxygen supply, the defence personnel had derived oxygen supply with the technology used to provide the same in LCA gets. It is called On-Board Oxygen Generation Technology. 

Sources add that Rajnath Singh also instructed the Army chief to instruct commanders at state level to reach out to chief ministers of all states in case of need.