Who doesn't love experiencing music in-person? The atmosphere at a live music event is simply better than plugging in your earphones. The energy of the crowd, melodious voices entwining, sick beats and groovy instruments pumping from the speakers. It is a moving experience - spiritually and since good music gets us dancing we'll say physically too.

When one talks about social events like sangeets, weddings, cocktail parties - live music is a must. And what better choice than Show Stoppers The Band, when talking of live performance. 

Show Stoppers The Band is a Delhi based band, founded by Sagar Dawar. The band consists of six members who have performed and won hearts all over Delhi. 

But how did they find homes in so many hearts? 

Well, they played music that touches each and every heart. What one might like, others won't. 

Hence, all the members of Show Stoppers The Band bring their own talent to the table that helps the band cover all genres and decades. 

Let us introduce you to the band to explain better. 

Bhuvan V. Singh - the band's hype creator AKA the man who gets the party started. You might recognise Bhuvan from MTV's Date to Remember. Given his cheerful and energetic disposition, he easily pumps adrenaline into the crowd and gets the stage ready for others. 

The band features two powerful singers - Rao Gaurav and Shipra Bagh. 

Rao Gaurav and music have been inseparable since he learnt to speak. He started training as a child and today his vocals are powerful enough to carry any song. 

Shipra Bagh is a Bollywood singer with a strong grip in the world of Punjabi and Sufi music. She has been performing all over the country for a decade now. Over the years she has mastered various genres and can lend her voice to any song perfectly. 

Together these two create a gala of sounds and get the people partying. 

Tarun Raj is the Show Stoppers The band'  percussionist with an experience of over five years under his belt. Before he joined the band, he used to be a regular performer at social events, like weddings, clubs and parties. Today, his tunes are an integral part of the Show Stoppers The Band. 

Joining Tarun Raj in the instrumentalist class is Rinku, Show Stoppers The Band' dhol player. He has worked with Punjabi music icons like Jassi Sidhu and used to be an international performer. 

The band boasts of another international artist - DJ Abhi. He has played in Thailand, Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore. His official mashup for Jassi Gill was featured on 9X Tashan. Given his impressive portfolio, it's a hard task to find someone who matches his musical prowess. 

All six of them bring an irreplaceable element to the band. Together, they are able to cover such a vast variety of music effortlessly and pleasing everyone. Their talents play off of each other and as a result a modern mesmerising symphony is born.