Bengaluru: Technology makes life easier and even enjoyable. 

Talking of technology, we can’t miss out on how the internet has played a pivotal role in the lives of our people. 

However, if one doesn’t know to harness the usefulness of the internet in specific and technology in general, one can’t extract the benefit of it to make optimum use. 

Here is where the dynamism of Prime Minister Narendra Modi comes into picture. A technology geek, the Prime Minister has always laid stress on the importance and the usefulness of the internet ever since he took over as the Prime Minister in the year 2014. 

Today, as millions across the nation employ the “Work from Home” mode of working in a bid to fight the coronavirus pandemic, it is the internet that helps both employers and employees realise this wonderful concept, thereby mitigating the spread of the coronavirus by following the norm of social distancing. 

Apart from that, the Prime Minister’s brilliant concept of Jan Dhan Yojana has also helped the poorest of the poor get money transferred to their account with the help of technology. 


A website notes that “According to the Digital in India report published by the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and curated by Nielsen, based on IRS data, India has 504 million active Internet users (used internet in the last one month) who are 5 years and above as of Nov’ 19. Of the overall Internet population, 433 million are of the age of 12+ years old and 71 million are in the age bracket of 5-11 years who access the Internet on the devices of family members.” 

The website further adds: 

“Digital Services have assumed great importance for India with the Government actively promoting a vision of $1 Tn digital economy. The spread of the internet has been possible thanks to the joint efforts by the Government (promoting e-governance, Digital India vision) Telecom services providers (more affordable data packages, better connectivity) and Internet Service providers (popular services like digital entertainment and e-commerce, expanding content in Indian languages). IAMAI stated that the ongoing growth of internet penetration in India provides a critical platform for all stakeholders to harness the digital revolution. The association expressed optimism that initiatives like the National Digital Communication Policy in the coming days will further strengthen the digital footprint in India and ensure a robust digital economy in the country.”