Bengaluru: Onscreen, actress Swara Bhaskar may be a lissom lass, impressing many with her acting skills.

And off it, she does continue to impress many, but certainly not in a positive manner. A darling of the Twitterati, she often ends up embarrassing herself with her gaffes and goof-ups, invariably directed at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, his supporters and the advocates of the right wing.

In her latest episode of self-demolition and advertisement of manipulating things to suit her whims and fancies, she urged Twitter not to legitimise OpIndia, a web portal which primarily deals with exposing the hypocrisy of a few pseudos like Swara and her coterie.

This was in response to a twitter user who had put out a tweet saying that the social media company was using reactionary articles of OpIndia as trending topics.


Swara’s reaction on the issue was enough and more trigger for OpIndia’s editor Nupur J Sharma, its editor to reveal the double standards of the lady in question.

The editor, indeed had enough ammunition as she disinterred old stories and the legal notice Swara had sent to the online portal, as also the riveting and uncompromising response OpIndia gave in order not only to prove themselves right but also to save impartial and non-partisan journalism from the jaws of the hostile pseudo-gang and ultimately, teach Swara and her cohort a befitting lesson, thereby upholding true journalism.


We reproduce the stories published by OpIndia, the legal notice sent by Swara Bhaskar in opposition to these stories and the response to the legal notice by OpIndia.

Here is the link:

No Swara Bhaskar, we will not be silenced : Read the defamation notice and our response

The big questions that emerge after a careful perusal of the article are: 

1.      Is the hate-Modi gang, masquerading as actors in Bollywood using its clout to bully an independent media married to the principles of fair journalism?

2.      The moment a media house publishes an article that is not in consonance with the skewed thinking pattern of the Left leaners, does that mean the media house is doing a great disservice to them? In reality, isn’t the media house revealing their dark side and helping the society at large in framing more noble opinions?

3.      Should a media house invariably be PR agency and keep parroting the same lies and hatred that they epitomise?

Swara Bhaskar and her ilk must realise that media houses like OpIndia are not puppets of their quixotic thinking and will never kowtow to their unreasonable demands and will strive hard to uphold the traits and tenets of ethical journalism.