Srinagar/New Delhi: Almost 30 years have passed since the Kashmir Pandits have been living in exile in their own country as migrants. Many displaced Pandits living in Jammu camps, are still economically weak and are barely managing to survive. 

The Brahmin Organisation of India (BOI) has adopted five families, including four children, whose mother, their only surviving parent, passed away after a brief illness. 

BOI has been working across the country for the upliftment of Brahmins in India and this time they have decided to reach out to the Kashmir migrants who are the victims of Pakistani terrorism, which has struck the valley and has resulted in mass exodus. The Islamic terrorists have brutally killed hundreds of Pandits in the Valley.

The families are from Jagti camp, Purkhoo camp and the four orphans are from the Valley.

“We have been working for the uplift of Brahmins of this country, and Kashmir Pandits are part of the Brahmin Samaj. Till today nothing has been done for the Kashmiri Pandits, they are being used by political parties like National Conference and PDP for their political gains,” chief patron, Brahmin Organisation of India, Pandit Sukhbir Sharma told MyNation.

He said during his recent visit to the migrant camps in Jammu that he had witnessed witnessed many problems faced by the community. 

“ Our organisation, which is a movement, will support every Hindu living in this world. We have adopted KP migrant families, and our organisation will be taking care of all the needs, from education, health care and other things for these families. Universally Brahmin’s blood is one, and Kashmir Pandits are part of our blood. So we determine to save our blood,” he said.

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“Please understand Kashmir belongs to the Kashmiri Pandits, there is no Kashmir without Pandits, they are the original inhabitants of the valley, and have every right to live in Kashmir.  I hope people in the government of India understand this. I don’t know why Delhi is silent on this issue,” he added.

“BOI has also taken up other core issues concerning the Kashmiri Pandit migrants like health care, insurance, skill for youth, employment opportunities for young boys and girls, improvement of camps where the Kashmiri Pandit migrants are living in Jammu among others. We have met the present governor of Jammu and Kashmir, his Excellency was gracious enough to accept all these issues and has assured a quick solution and redressal of these problems,” he said.

Sharma said, “it is very painful to see how separatists are adding fuel to the fire. They must be banned in carrying anti-India protests in our land,”

“We are even worried about the displaced Hindus from Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, who are facing the worst kind of situation since 1947, and nothing has been done to settle them. BOI had demanded reservation rights in assembly seats,” said Sharma.

“I hope the new government at the Centre will give minority status to the Kashmir Pandits and Brahmin community in Jammu and Kashmir,” he said.