Bengaluru: Former AICC president Rahul Gandhi, in a hurry to criticise PM Modi, has compared NRC-NPR to taxes. It is to be noted that NRC-NPR are population-related exercises while taxes relate to revenue generation. 

"Whether it is NRC, NPR, it's a tax on poor people. Demonetisation was a tax on poor people - go to the bank, can't take money from your own account," Gandhi said. 

Incidentally, in a rush to defame Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi only ends up mocking himself every time he resorts to such acts! 

On Thursday (December 26) Rahul Gandhi had tweeted details about a detention centre, apparently, with a motive to insult Modi in relation to his Ramlila Maidan speech, saying there were no detention centres. 

But, Sambit Patra, the fluent spokesperson of the BJP, in the evening, produced documents to prove that a detention centre was opened during the Congress’s tenure in the north east. 

In fact, former Assam CM Tarun Gogoi even confessed that it was opened during his tenure as the CM, under the orders of the Guwahati high court. 

Again, Rahul Gandhi had to profusely apologise to the Supreme Court of India for his wilful and wrong attribution of the ‘chowkidar chor hai’ comment. 

The top court let him off with a stern warning. 

The NPR will be implemented in April next year to get demographic details of the people living in the country, under the “Usual Residence” concept.