Bengaluru: Earn while you learn is one of the easiest ways to keep your financial health in good shape. 

For 22-year-old Saurabh Maurya, this could not have been truer.   

He is a student of IIT Benares. While he studies, he also makes sure he earns as he runs 3 startups and earns Rs 22 crores. 

When he was young, he had a dream to own something big. He yearned to start a company that could send songs to people’s phones. 

But his parents wanted him to do something bigger. They wanted him to study more. 

Interestingly, Saurabh Maurya always had a liking for teaching. In his schooldays, he taught kids as well. In the same way, he went to different coaching centres in Benares and sought to teach. But due to his inexperience, none entertained him. 

He says, “I could get a good package after IIT, but I decided that I had to do something on my own. In the year 2018, when I was in the first year, my mother gave me 5000 rupees without telling my father, from which I bought a second-hand mobile phone from my friend, and this is where my career started. I then started a YouTube channel, where I used to record and upload lectures. Initially I did not even have a board, so I used to write on the copy with one hand and make a video by holding the mobile with the other. Gradually, I raised money and took a white board of Rs 1300 and then I started giving tips to the children on this”. 

In this way, he kept on persevering and started uploading videos on his IIT journey as well. He got a lot of queries as well. 

Today, he owns a company - SSD Edtech Private Limited. He coaches thousands of students and has become a role model for all.