Bengaluru: Naresh Zhang lives in Hisar district of Haryana. 

He is an expert in the digital marketing field. But he has chosen to take up beekeeping. It was last year that he started the business. 

Life has been a blessing for Naresh. His father was in the army and used to transferred frequently. So this came as a godsend for Naresh to understand different cultures and aspects as he got to stay in different parts of the country. 

It was in 2012 that he got a good job offer. 

However, his calling lay somewhere else. As he got to stay in different places, he also a fair bit of knowledge about honey. He wanted to do something in this field and that is when he decided to start beekeeping. 

But it was only last year during the lockdown that he started an online store selling honey. 

As he started, he tasted sweet success as people showed a keen interest in honey. 

As the business improved, they started packaging honey in cans. 

Naresh named his venture ‘Scrolling Bee’. He also designed posters, created pages on social media. 

Since Naresh is from the digital marketing field, he did not face much trouble in promoting his business. Soon his customers started growing. Right now they are preparing honey in 6 different flavours. They are producing 7 quintals of honey every three-four months. Every month, they get orders anywhere between 200 and 300. 

Naresh says, “We have 170 boxes of bees right now. Each box produces 15 kg of honey at a time, after quality testing and processing, we pack and sell it. With this, we have also tied up with farmers who bee-keep. We take honey from them and prepare our product from it and then send it to the market.