Bengaluru: Vipin Dangi is a 26-year-old youngster from Madhya Pradesh. He hails from a farmers’ family. 

He is a graduate in microbiology. He used to work in a local hospital. Though the salary was good, he did not find satisfaction in it. 

Pushed by this, he decided to start his own business. That is when he started milk business. 

Though it started off profitably, slowly but surely, he began to taste losses. 


So after a few months, he decided to shut it down. 

For a few months, he did not take up any other business. During this period, he was brainstorming on different options for a profitable business. 

After probably six months, he began his business in animal food. 

What prompted and prodded him to take up this business was that in his village, there were a number of animal owners, but they did not know where to procure animal food nor were there any animal food manufacturers in the village. 

Nutrition for animals can’t be compromised with. So he began his business, with the intention of bettering the lives of these animals. 

Though he started his busines, it was a challenge for him to market the products. That is when he decided to spread the word through pamphlets, announcing it on speakers all across the village. 

In this way, he advertised his products. Gradually, as the people came to know of the business, they began visiting him. Now, he has more than 3000 permanent customers. 

You might be surprised to know that Vipin now prepares 2 to 3 tons of animal food. The manufacturing costs are somewhere near Rs 17000. 

To aid him in this business, he has also employed 4 people. 

Now, as days pass by, he hopes to expand his business to other parts of the country. 

It is in this way that Vipin has been a successful entrepreneur.