Kollam: We all know Kerala is known as God's own country. But there are some like Raju, who through dabs and strokes, help others see the beauty of districts like Kollam through their magical fingers. None know his real name, but people fondly call him Raju, which means prosperity. Well, it's no surprise for he does paint with a flourish using natural pigments, mud, charcoal and plant leaves.

On the contrary, this Kerala man looks shabby with filthy clothes and an unkempt beard. Some even allege that he is mentally ill. However, there have been no reports of any unruly behaviour from his end, be it attacking anyone or misbehaving with anyone. He keeps to himself, perhaps picturing the next scenic beauty that he could paint on the wall.

According to sources, for the past eight years, Raju has been glued to his colours and brushes. There are many videos of him displaying his artistic skills, with the oldest one dating back to 2011. These videos have now hit the limelight garnering the attention of netizens.

When he starts drawing, people from the streets gather to watch the picturesque canvas. Every person who witnesses this is naturally immersed in the hues. Many are seen offering money to Raju for his livelihood. 

In 2018, one of the videos caught the attention of the chairman of Mahindra group, Anand Mahindra, who applauded  Raju.

“Looks like this has been on social media for a while but just got it in my #whatsappwonderbox Who is this man & where is this? What a talent & what a charismatic character. He paints like a man possessed. Is anyone supporting this Wizard of Wall-Art (SIC)?” he wrote while sharing the work of the talented artist.