Bengaluru: Vishvesha Teertha Swamiji, in his physical appearance, was very lean. But the formidable energy with which he spoke and took epoch-making decisions easily belied his frame and had the robustness to move mountains!

Apart from ironing out sectarian flaws in the Hindu society, he stridently fought for the construction of Ram Mandir as well.

But that was not all. He was a phenomenal fighter against the oppression of the mighty politicians and stood like a rock to neutralise their efforts in infusing fissures.

Take for example the Emergency imposed by the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in the year 1975.

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The Swamiji took her on. And when many were of the opinions that the Khavi (ochre robes) should not meet the Khadi (politicians), his reply was one for the Gods!

He said, “Since swamijis are also citizens of this country, they too have equal political rights as other citizens.”

He even published a protest letter in the same year. In that he said, “As long as my Dharmic activities are not affected, I am even ready to serve a prison sentence.”

His opposition was not related or limited to nefarious politics alone. He participated enthusiastically to lodge his protest against anything that violated humanity.

A website notes:  When, under the pretext of Industrial development, lots of environmentally destructive projects were initiated at Karwar and Nandikooru, Sri Swamiji was at the helm of the protests which opposed these initiatives.

He was also in the vanguard of the agitation to see a beautiful, grand temple being built for Lord Ram in the disputes site of Ayodhya. He had held several protests in this regard and had made no bones about it.

It is spiritual luminaries like him that pave the way for humanity. Spirituality need not be confined to the four walls of a room or a monastery. Spirituality is not just counting the beads, but seeing the effulgent atman in all beings.

This, the swami practised and preached.