Bengaluru: BJP working president JP Nadda was in a combative mood today. 

As the BJP is on war-footing to set the record straight and demolish and deracinate all myths about the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), JP Nadda threw a challenge to former AICC president Rahul Gandhi on the CAA. 

He said, "Congress is opposing the CAA. I dare Rahul Gandhi to speak 10 sentences on the law. He should tell us in two sentences what is his problem with the CAA... He is leading such a big party and has to decide how he has to do it, but he should not mislead the country.” 

He further added, “The amendments in the citizenship law are meant to give citizenship to members of minority communities who fled Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan due to religious persecution and took refuge in India.”

He also chose to touch upon Mahatma Gandhi and Nehru in driving home the need for such a law. 

He said in this regard, “Likes of Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi had advocated giving citizenship to these persecuted minorities but the Congress does not have any leader now who could understand the issue.” 

The CAA, passed by both houses of Indian Parliament, intends to give citizenship to persecuted non-Muslim minorities in the countries of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh who have been residing in India hitherto December 31, 2014. 

As lied by the Congress and its coterie, the law doesn’t apply to any Indian citizen and only hopes to integrate the persecuted minorities with India on a social and emotional basis. 

What’s sad and shocking is how the Congress coterie has reacted to the law. Two non-BJP ruled states – Kerala and Punjab – have passed resolutions urging the centre to invalid the CAA and have also approached the top court seeking to crush it. 

However, their move only acts against national interests.