New Delhi: Reports suggest Congress president Rahul Gandhi offered his resignation to the Congress working committee under Rahul Gandhi, which has quite expectedly been turned away. Reports also suggest that when he offered to resign, many shouted, "If not you, who?"

This comes in the backdrop of a humiliating loss by the Indian National Congress (INC) in the recently announced Lok Sabha results where it shrunk to just over 50 seats, 52 to be precise. The Congress was squeezed into 44 seats in 2014. While 'rout' or 'drubbing' do not even begin to describe the existential crisis of the Congress, the facade of fixing accountability plays on expected lines. From his non-political advisors to his "coteries" everyone under the sun is blamed for the loss but the man who led the party claiming to form the government.

In a recent interview to MyNation, Tehseen Poonawalla, the brother-in-law of Priyanka Gandhi's husband, Robert Vadra said, "Rahul is a great guy, but the people around him are not in touch with the reality of the ground. This does not reflect upon the Central leadership as much as the state leaders. Rahul Gandhi, just as other central leaders, is briefed by their advisors who give them the feedback. The messaging has to come from there, and that messaging has been completely wrong". Ironically its the state satraps like Capt Amarinder Singh who is widely credited for managing to get 8 out of 13 seats in Punjab.

But, Twitter is a ruthless place which trended #CongBachaoRahulHatao (Save Congress, and sack Rahul) on top. 

However, Media cell chief of the Congress, Randeep Surjewala refuted such media claims.

But what sums up the resignation bid by Rahul Gandhi at the CWC was a comment by Poonawala. He said on the day of Verdict 2019, "Congress made a lot of mistakes post the victories in the three states. Their senior advisors should have talked less to the media. They should have desisted from making frivolous comments on the media. It reflects poorly". 

Because Rahul Gandhi, under whose vice presidentship Congress was muzzled into 44 and whose presidentship the grand old party secured only 52, can't be wrong.