The scorching heatwave in the Delhi-NCR region has taken a grim toll, with more than 10 deaths reported in the past three days, and at least 12 individuals fighting for their lives on ventilators. Health Minister JP Nadda has responded swiftly by sending out an advisory to all hospitals, urging prioritized treatment for heatwave-related admissions.

According to a recent report by NDTV, five fatalities occurred over the last 48 hours, and Delhi’s Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital has admitted 22 patients suffering from severe heatstroke, out of which 12 to 13 are currently on ventilator support, as confirmed by Dr. Ajay Shukla, the hospital’s medical superintendent.

Dr. Shukla expressed concern over the high mortality rate associated with heatstroke cases, which stands at 60-70%. He emphasized that delayed hospitalization often leads to multiple organ failure, highlighting the critical need for public awareness. Many affected individuals are migrant laborers, and initial symptoms of heatstroke can be mistaken for other ailments until the condition worsens.

To combat this issue, Dr. Shukla stressed the importance of immediate action at the onset of symptoms. He advised cooling measures such as water and ice application even before reaching the hospital. Ambulances are now equipped to start cooling procedures upon reaching patients, aiming to mitigate the severity of heat-related health emergencies.

In a separate incident, seven deaths were reported in Noida within the last day, with police investigating the circumstances. Authorities are yet to determine the cause of death, though heatwave conditions are being closely considered.

Police officials assured ongoing investigations into these cases and are taking necessary legal actions as part of their efforts to understand the impact of the heatwave on local communities.