Bengaluru: In life, tenacity plays a phenomenal role in helping one achieve success. 

Difficulties do come, but if one uses them as a tool to achieve big in life, they indeed go a long way. 

Sanjay Lodha from Maharashtra, is an example. In his younger days, he had to face a lot of strfe.

His family found it next to impossible to fund his studies. As a result, he did not have sufficient money to study. He had to make do with not more than a couple of dresses.  

But fortunately, he did not lose sight of his studies. 

What worked in his favour was that his parents also backed him to the hilt. His father knew that his son could not compromise on his studies. And his mother was no less. She sold her jewellery to ensure that his son did not miss out on his academics. 

He said, “We had a cash crunch. We had to spend more to study outside. My dad did not lose courage and borrowed money from relatives. My mother had some jewellery, which she sold. In this way I reached the US. After going there, I started working part time along with studies. Sometimes I used to do cleaning work in a restaurant and sometimes worked in a grocery shop. Cleaning was also done at the store”. 

After completing education in the States, he was employed in an oil company. As he climbed the ladder, he also became its director. 

Later, in the year 2005, he returned to India. That is when he got the idea of starting his own company. Today, he is a successful man in the petrochemicals industry and has a turnover of millions. 

His advice to youngsters: “I want to advise young people who want to start their own business that one should have mastery in any sector you want to work, or are doing. It does not matter whether you have a degree or not. If you work with passion, you will definitely stay at the top and if you stay at the top, you will get the same returns”.