Bengaluru: A strong will is the only requisite to achieve success in life. 

A farmer from Karnataka has only put this into action. 

Sasidhar, hailing from Dharwad, grows strawberries and other fruits on the one acre of land he owns. 


On an average, he earns Rs 8 lakh annually by growing over 8 tons of strawberries. 

Sasidhar did not study beyond grade 10. Later, he worked in a private company, but did not continue for a long time. 

He stayed in Maharashtra for a long time as well. It is here that he started his own company related to construction. For 9 years, he earned huge profits, but was not happy with what he had achieved. 

It is then that he returned to Dharwad and took up strawberry cultivation. 

When he took it up, there were many who advised him against it as strawberry needs cold climate to grow, but he was persevering in his approach. 

Last year, he planted around 250 strawberry saplings. 

He has even employed 20 people now. 

Today, they have more than 30,000 strawberry plants. 

Apart from growing them, they even process strawberries. 

They prepare jelly, jam and chocolate and supply it in the market.

Initially, Sasidhar used to approach buyers manually to sell strawberries, but now, as word has spread about his successful cultivation, factories approach him directly. 

Sasidhar, a role model for others: 

What Sasidhar has achieved is truly commendable. At a time when he was dissuaded from cultivating strawberries, he took it up bravely and grew them against the natural way of growing it. 

What also stands out about him is his meticulous nature. He spends hours in his fields daily, cleans up the weeds and waters them regularly. 

Strawberries are rich in vitamins. Eating them regularly boosts immunity levels. 

Hard work surely pays! 

Kudos Sasidhar!