Bengaluru: The year 2019 was a phenomenal year for India as the Modi-led central government took some courageous decisions. 
From the Balakot air strikes to the abrogation of articles 370 and 35A to the passage of anti-triple talaq bill and Citizenship Amendment Act, PM Narendra Modi has created a new definition of how a resolute government works. 

Now, as the new year 2020 dawns, what’s on the agenda? Here’s our list. 

1.    A policy of population control 

Having a cap on the number of children means that the population will be under check. Though it’s not a manifesto promise, it can be looked into as it ensures fair distribution of natural resources.  If India has to truly excel on the world stage, it has to focus on its bursting population and bring it to saner levels. A two-child policy is an important issue and it has to be gone into. This will ensure people will have enough natural resources at their disposal.

2.    Uniform Civil Code (UCC)

As the name indicates, the laws governing a country should be applied unequivocally, without fear or favour. But in reality, it is different as personal laws based on scriptures and customs of different religions are being used to try cases. It was the desire of Dr Ambedkar that such practices be annulled and a common law governing the citizens of India be brought up. So the issue of UCC was broached in the Directive Principles, Article 44. The promise of implementing UCC was made in the BJP manifesto. 

3.    The Construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya

With the accomplishment of all these things, there is a renewed hope and vigour and even pragmatism that the construction will be a reality under Modi. Last year, the Supreme Court too ruled in favour of Hindus by awarding the disputed land of 2.77 acres. 

So this year, we can hope that the Modi government will accomplish these matters as well.