Gujarat high court on Thursday (November 21) set a deadline of November 26 to present the two victims. The high court directed the order to the Vivekanand Police Station in Ahmedabad Rural district after the victims' parents petitioned the court claiming that their daughters have been subject to illegal confinement by self-styled Godman Nithyananda.

The Gujarat high court has stated that if the police fail to produce the victims on the above date, action would be taken. The police in the state raided the ashram and arrested Nithyananda's aides. There has been no news so far about Nithyananda's whereabouts. Rumours suggest that he has fled India. The MEA has also responded to the TV channel Republic stating that there's been no formal communication from the Gujarat Police and the home minister.

Petitioners Janardana Sharma and his wife told the Gujarat high court on Monday that their two elder daughters, Lopamudra Janardhana Sharma (21) and Nandita (18) who were studying in Nithyananda's Yogini Sarvagyapeetham institution had refused to accompany them home.

Soon after, in a video, the eldest daughter Ma Nithya Tattvapriya Ananda, who claims to be in Trinidad and Tobago, said that her father had started blackmailing her and her sister, threatening to attack Nithyananda. The girl also called her father by name and said Janardanan always tried forcing the two girls to file a case under the Prevention of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO). She insisted that the Swamiji has healed everyone in the family, including Janardanan and that the self-styled Godman is like a father to them.  

Ma Nithyananditha (Nanditha) and Ma Nithya Tattvapriya Ananda (Lopamudra) have uploaded a number of videos on social media, claiming they are happily living in the ashram.  

Meanwhile, another Nithyananda follower has alleged that she was brainwashed by "Swamiji".