Bengaluru: A 91-year-old grandmother has beaten not just heart attack but covid as well as she returns home gleefully in Ahmedabad, reports India Today. 

The website adds that she was found to have flash pulmonary edema, a condition caused by excess fluid in the lungs as well as early Covid ARDS.

“She had unstable blood pressure and high oxygen requirement when she was brought to CIMS hospital. We had to perform angiography and angioplasty while simultaneously treating her for COVID-19,” said Dr Bhagyesh Shah, Critical Care Physician and In-charge of Adult, was quoted as saying. 

On June 1, Sushilaben’s angioplasty and stent placement was successfully performed by senior cardiologists. 

“Patients undergoing angioplasty with stent placement in the 90s is rare, and especially one who is also Covid positive. In most cases, patients are not very mobile and are not in a position to undergo angioplasty. In many cases, families are against opting for surgery. However, Sushilaben is still very active at this age and has strong willpower and positive approach," a doctor added. 

110-year-old beats covid

When stories of despair and despondency abound during the ongoing covid-19 crisis, here’s a story that is refreshingly different. 

Ramananda Teertha, a 110-year-old man had recovered from Covid-19. The heartening story was reported from Hyderabad. It makes him one of the oldest people in the world to have successfully beaten the virus. 

Reports add that he was admitted to the government-run Gandhi Hospital on 24 April with mild Covid symptoms and low saturation levels.

They further state that his saturation levels have increased to 97.

The centenarian had even tested negative for Covid but he was kept under observation at the general ward of the hospital for a few more days.

What worked in his favour was that he suffered no comorbidities.