Margao: After 10 long years, the Margao Town Police have finally solved a murder case and arrested the accused from Konnur in Karnataka.

On March 2, 2019, a resident of Aquem-Margao lodged a police complaint after he found skeletal remains in his bathroom.

Upon receiving exhumation order from the sub divisional magistrate, the police extracted the skeletal remains and commenced investigations.

The owner of the land informed the police that he has been in Dubai the last 20 years and had engaged a couple to take care of his room.

The owner also disclosed that in June 2008, the woman made a call to him saying the man, Bhimsen was missing and she was leaving for Bijapur to look for him. Soon after, the landlord lost contact with the woman.

However, the police got in touch with a man known to the couple who said that they would often quarrel regularly. The woman and her son would even beat up Bhimsen.

Police then rushed to Bijapur to track the woman and her children only to find that they had sold all their properties in Bijapur and moved to Konnoor. The woman’s son, Parashuram was interrogated by the police.

The 35-year-old Parashuram confessed to committing the murder along with his mother because Bhimsen would often harass her.

On the day of the incident, Parashuram’s mother knocked Bhimsen on his head making him unconscious. Parashuram then strangled him and buried the body in the bathroom.

Parashuram also said that they returned to Bijapur where his mother was constantly questioned about Bhimsen, leading her to commit suicide.

Police have booked Parshuram under sections 302 and 201 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) for murder and destroying evidence.