Bengaluru: Being mindful and watchful can take you places. That is what happened to three youngsters from Surat. 

One day, as they were walking, they saw people eating on the pavements. People eating there is no unusual sight, but this triggered an idea of business in the minds of these youngsters. 

They were of the opinion that they could add more variety to the menu so that people get to enjoy more. 

So they started a venture called ‘Bada Baksa’. Today, they earn Rs 3 lakh a month. 

Akash and Shivam, two of the three friends, say, "The idea of the big box came from people sitting on benches on the sidewalk. Surat city has a good tradition of sitting on the roadside benches, sidewalks, parks and eating something. Many times, people bring food from home or somewhere packed and then sit and eat at their favorite place. The 'big box' is also for those who enjoy eating out of the house, but they want to avoid the kitchen or street food. We have also joined a friend of ours, Vishwas, who has been living in Surat city for a long time,” as quoted by Dainik Bhaskar. 

The box is big enough to accommodate dishes that 4 people can binge on. The box also contains a glass plate, a spoon, tissue papers. 

On the wide variety of food available, Akash add, “The big box offers 7 to 8 different options. These include South Indian, Punjabi, Chinese, Italian, Mexican food. The main focus of Bada Baksa is people enjoying outdoor dining, but now orders are also being taken for birthday-family party or kitty party”.

To ensure they satisfy their customers, these youngsters also have a made it a point to not compromise on quality. As they have started home-delivering, they have made it a point to deliver it in less than 30 minutes.