Bengaluru: A meal at Re 1? Well, it is certainly true! 

Former cricketer and BJP MP Gautham Gambhir from East Delhi inaugurated what’s called Jan Rasoi canteen. 

Daily, it will sell meals at Re 1. In a day, it will cater to around 500 people. 

The MP now plans to open 5 to 6 canteens in different parts of East Delhi with the next canteen to be opened in the Mayur Vihar District.
“The ‘Jan Rasoi’ will serve nutritious, hygienic food to the needy people at Re 1 per plate. A total of 500 persons will be provided food every day and second serving will also be allowed”, said Gambhir, as reported by Organiser.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, certain restrictions will be imposed to ensure social distancing. The canteen has a seating capacity of 100 but will feed 50 persons at a time for the time being.
“The token amount of Re 1 is meant to pay wages to those staff members who will run the kitchen”, Gambhir told reporters. The BJP MP said it was his vision that every person in Delhi gets healthy food and clean water.