Bengaluru: Though the Indian Space Research Organisation’s uncrewed Gaganyaan mission is on track, a final call on the same will be taken once the lockdown ends in Bengaluru, reports India Today. 

It should be noted that the mission has suffered many delays owing to the pandemic situation in the country. 

“It is going fine, Covid-19 lockdown has had an impact but there is no delay as of now and once it is lifted the teams will meet and assess the situation before taking a final call,” a source, as quoted by India Today said. 

As part of the mission, the first two uncrewed launches will take place – one in December this year and the second one in 2022-23. The third – manned mission – in which astronauts, who are being trained in Russia will take part, will take place after that. 

"A lot of people are involved in the Gaganyaan mission, and we need to assess all core sectors working on the mission when the lockdown is lifted," the source was quoted further. 

Apart from the uncrewed module launch, it is to be noted that ISRO is also planning to launch a data relay satellite that will help maintain contact with the Gagangyaan mission. The Rs 800 crore has been approved and work is going on to launch the satellite that will help the ISRO ground control establish contact with Gaganyaan throughout the mission, the website notes. 

It was in 2018 that PM Modi announced the project worth Rs 10,000 crore. 

The project will propel the nation to be on par with US and Russia. The two nations have stamped their authority in the space sector.