Bengaluru: Mahendra Singh, a 30-year-old from Gujarat is a dairy farmer. Much before he took up this profession, he was into diamond business and plastic business. 

But he suffered losses in the business. That is when he decided to try his hand in animal husbandry. 

In the year 2016, he bought a cow and supplied its milk to many in the area. But sadly, he did not taste success. Even though the yield wasn’t good, he did not give up. 

He decided to invest more time in the business and learn the tricks of the trade. He spoke to experts in the field and learned more about milch breeds. 

Upon advice, he bought home a Gir cow. He got a lot of advantage from it as the yield was more. Gradually, he increased the number of livestock. Today, he takes care of 45 animals and supplies 400 litres of milk. 

Mahendra says, “Initially I had no experience of this business. Due to this, I had to suffer loss for a year. What breed of cow to buy? How to take care of them? How to take care of their food? I had no idea about this, but gradually I learned from the interactions and efforts of the people and started making profits by selling milk”.

He adds, “A cow gives 30 litres of milk daily. At the same time, buffaloes give 18 litres of milk per day. I deliver this milk directly to the dairy. I get paid every month. Even if I take out the expenses of the four animals, I get a profit of 80 to 90 thousand rupees every month”.

In this way, he earns a lot per month. At the same time, he also ensures he takes care of the health of animals as well.