Bengaluru: Suresh Goyal of Hissar district of Haryana is a successful farmer. 

But it is very interesting to note that he had spent as many as 32 years in the transport sector. He had his business in big cities like Hyderabad, Chennai and other cities. 

Lately, he gave it up and began farming. He grows a dozen fruits and vegetables and earns more than Rs 30 lakh a year. 

During his childhood, in his village, there were none who would grow vegetables. 
The people of the village had to go far for it. He says, “Once my maternal uncle came to the village. Then they asked my mother whether the fruits are found here. My mother taunted them and said, 'Which of you guys got married to the gardeners who will grow fruits'. From the same day, I got the idea that I have to plant a garden in my village.”
He also did a lot of research on organic of arming. He said, “I met many farmers from Haryana and Punjab who used to do organic farming. I got to learn a lot from them. After this I bought 7 acres of land in my village and started farming”. 

Using this knowledge, he began to plant different trees so that they yield fruits round the year. 
He adds, “So I planted different trees, so that I did not have to wait long to get the produce. The advantage of this is that I get yield from different trees in different seasons. Apart from fruits, I also plant seasonal vegetables in a part of his land, which includes vegetables like cabbage, gourd, potato, carrot, cucumber, pumpkin, luffa, tomato, ladyfinger. Due to this, I have availability of fruits and vegetables according to each season.”
Later, they place mandis in their garden where people come to buy fruits and vegetables.