Bengaluru: Congress MLA from Karnataka Zameer Ahmed is known for making some really bizarre and weird statements.
Further, he has also been infamous for not fulfilling his vows, made in an idiosyncratic manner! 

Take for example as to what he said when his name surfaced in the drug scandal. 

He said, "Let investigation happen under CM BS Yediyurappa. I am ready for any kind of probe. The BJP is in power both at the state and the centre.”

He also went to the extent of saying that he would donate all his properties to the state government if the allegations against him are proved right. 

However, anyone who follows the Congress leader even superficially, will vouch for his empty and boastful talks. 
During the Karnataka coalition fiasco between partners JD(S) and Congress, Zameer had vowed that BS Yediyurappa would not become the chief minister. 

He had said, “I will work as a watchman at BSY's residence if he becomes CM again”.

A few months ago, Padarayanapura in Bengaluru, Karnataka had hit the national headlines as many residents of the area had attacked corona warriors and policemen alike when they went there to get them quarantined.

And as the accused returned to the area, they were given a rousing welcome by none other than Zameer Ahmed.

Local Kannada channels had telecast news of the accused being brought back to the area in buses and added that Zameer Ahmed gave them Rs 10,000 individually.

There were also news reports that he paid up sureties of all the accused amounting to Rs 1 crore 26 lakh as the court granted them bail.

Incidentally, on June 2, former Karnataka CM and senior Congress leader Siddaramaiah had lampooned Prime Minister Narendra Modi for urging the nation to ring bells and light lamps as a mark of respect for corona warriors.

Probably, Siddaramaiah and his colleagues would well agree that these acts of Zameer are far worse and even incomparable with what PM Modi had done.