Bengaluru: In just fewer than six months of being in government, PM Narendra Modi’s tenure till now has been full of accomplishments. 

Let’s take a look at contentious issues till now.  

Kashmir being given special status in the form of articles 370 and 35A had been in vogue for 7 decades. 

The issue of triple talaq had been pending for 72 years. 

The sensitive issue of Ram mandir had been pending for 591 years. 

Finally, the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) had been pending for 64 years. 


So these six months must have come as eventful in which all these banes have been addressed. 

With Amit Shah as the Union home minister and an efficient subaltern to PM Narendra Modi, Modi couldn’t have asked for more. 

However, such swift and deft moves to restore equilibrium has invited a lot of wrath from the liberal gang. 

Be it abrogation or rescinding triple talaq or giving citizenship to Hindus being religiously persecuted, the lobby has always opposed. One could easily extend one’s support to them, but any opposition should be backed by facts and figures and sane logic. 

Take for instance, the burning issue of the CAB. As per the bill, which is now a law, it addresses the issue of religious persecution in the countries of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. It intends to embrace Hindu minorities and grant them citizenship. 

However, the lobby has set a new narrative. They are saying that even Ahmadiyyyas and such sects should be given citizenship. To this question, Union home minister Amit Shah repeatedly said the bill addresses religious persecution and not other forms of persecution. 

But the lobby is not ready to listen to this. In stead, with Congress posing itself as the exemplar of the saviour of all, the lobby keeps opposing whatever PM Modi does! 

May sanity prevail!