Bengaluru: Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal’s move to offer free rides to women in Delhi may have given him a lot to brag about, that too, in close proximity with the general elections. 

But is this move fulfilling the purpose? 

Well, there are allegations that the conductors are pocketing fares offered by women out of their choice. 

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To make matters simple, let’s give you the story in detail as given by a Twitter user. 

It is said that some women who do not buy the offer of free travels on Delhi Corporation buses are paying money for their rides. So, if it is out of choice, the conductors have to issue them regular tickets. But in reality, these conductors are shamelessly pocketing the fares and issuing the women pink tickets, as per the norm. 
What’s worse is that the marshalls who are on these buses to thwart any danger to the women are themselves in connivance with the conductors. The Twitter user adds that the marshalls saw the entire episode and kept mum, probably, expecting a share in it. 

Here’s the Tweet


Arvind Kejriwal’s decision to offer free rides to women on Delhi Corporation buses has drawn a lot of criticism. Advocates against it say that Delhi women need safety and not free rides. Moreover, by offering free rides to one gender, Kejriwal is only making the other gender cough up more, making him pay needlessly. 
Incidentally, Kejriwal’s idea of free rides was first mooted to be implemented in Delhi Metro. But as the Centre is also a stakeholder, and it has not given its consent, the plan could not be implemented as of now. 

Kejriwal, after his party AAP won phenomenally in the last Delhi elections, he has promised to give many things free of cost. 

First, it was water, then it was electricity. 

But will Kejriwal look into this issue of conductors pocketing fares and do the needful?