Kolkata: She is a former Miss universe India, a TEDx speaker, accomplished model and founder of a weekend festival. In spite of so many accomplishments in her kitty, Ushoshi Sengupta witnessed the darker side of Kolkata on June 18 night when her Uber driver was allegedly beaten up, cops played mute spectators and the hooligans stalked her all the way home to create mayhem. Ushoshi experienced Mamata's Kolkata first hand.

Ushoshi Sengupta, took to Facebook to elaborate on the harassment she faced on the streets of Kolkata. According to Ushoshi, who has stated that late hours are a part of her job requirement, she was returning home in an Uber at around 11:30 PM.

Six boys in a bike without a helmet ran into the Uber which she and a colleague were travelling and started yelling at the driver. In a matter of seconds, more boys came and started banging at the car windows and even dragged the driver out. On running to the Maidan police station opposite the road, Sengupta was allegedly told that the incident was not under their jurisdiction and she had to report to the Bhawanipora police station.

After reportedly breaking down, the police rushed to help the driver but the boys managed to give the police a slip and by 12 AM, police officers from the Bhawanipora police station turned up at the incident.

The boys still followed Ushoshi and her colleague after escaping the police and tried to break her phone in which she had managed to capture a video of their faces and the abuses they were hurling upon them. The boys also started throwing stones at the car, broke the window by which time the locals had come out hearing the ruckus.

Police officers at the Charu market police station refused to take the Uber driver's complaint and said two FIRs cannot be filed about the same incident. There were also, reportedly, no women police officers at the station. Ushoshi has in her Facebook post adviced everyone to remain safe and has expressed sadness at the state that Kolkata is in.

Soon after this post, support started pouring in online. Bengali film star Swastika Mukherjee shared the post alleging, "The state of Kolkata where police are a mere audience. No safety, no rules have turned life into a nightmare."