Bengaluru: The will to do good for your countrymen can take you places! 

A lawyer from Lucknow Poulomi Pavini Shukla has been added to the Forbes 30 under 30 list. 

The recognition comes in the wake of the lady lawyer taking up cudgels on behalf of underprivileged kids. 

"I am happy and feel honored to be listed in Forbes 'India 30 under 30, 2021 list. But more than that I want to highlight the plight of orphan children more by my recognition as they don't have a voice, I would also like to request more and more people to join this movement and strengthen the voice of orphan children," as quoted by ANI. 

She also underlined how she has taken up the cause of orphans across the country. 


She added, "There are around 2 crore orphan children in our country. And less than 1 lakh are living in orphanages. Looking at the condition I felt the urge to do something substantial to improve the situation. Thereafter, I filed a petition in the Supreme Court. I also met many lawmakers, chief ministers, ministers, and political leaders". 

Furthermore, she elucidated on how it all started. 

"The story started in 2011 (sic) when I was nine years old. At that time my mother was the district magistrate in Haridwar. That year a strong earthquake rocked Gujarat's Bhuj and many children were orphaned in the natural calamity. Some children had visited Haridwar through an NGO where my mother took me. I came in touch with these children and became friends with them.

"Once I was in college and a girl amongst the Bhuj earthquake victims approached me with a request that she wanted to go to college. I looked for certain schemes or scholarships which could help her get admission but to my surprise, there was no such facility. Following the incident, I visited 11 states so that I could write a book and bring up the stories of the plight of these children," she added more.