Bengaluru: While many rue the fact that they don’t get formal education, it is not necessary that one gets formally educated. Knowledge comes from experience. 

Ramachandra Patel from Madhya Pradesh is a shining example. Unfortunately, he had to drop out of school after 12th but he was green- fingered enough to take up farming. 

In one year alone (2019) he earned Rs 60 lakh in his farm. 

He says, “I was the eldest of three brothers. Dad could not handle farming alone and there was cash in the house. I did not want my two brothers to do farming, so decided to do farming myself. We did not have much land then. Dad used to do traditional farming. There was no significant profit in this. Then I thought why not cultivate some such plants for which the need of the land is less and profit is also more,” as quoted by Dainik Bhaskar. 

Ramchandra says that he did not have any particular problem regarding marketing his produce. For the first time when they sent their produce to Indore. They liked it, we started supplying our produce regularly. Similarly, we also approached the nearby mandis and they also started taking our products. Now many vegetable sellers carry our product from the farm. 

Whatever he grew, he expanded it on his land. Today, he is not only a rich farmer, but stands as a role model for others.