Bengaluru: Union home minister Amit Shah has taken on Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, with just 5 weeks left for the all-important Delhi polls.

Criticising for poncing off Modi’s remarkable contributions to the society, Amit Shah said, “Chief Minister of Delhi, Mr Kejriwal keeps on doing new things. He has started a new thing. Why decide on a budget? Why do Bhoomi Pujan? Why even inaugurate? Have someone else and get it done, just impose your name on it. Modi Ji had said that the BJP government is going to provide drinking water in the tap of every house in the country. But, Kejriwal is trying to steal PM Modi’s credit by advertising this scheme.”

The Union home minister also praised Modi for the way he regularised unauthorised colonies by removing 13 legal procedures. 

“When Modi Ji has promised to provide water to every house in the country, Delhi also comes in it. PM Modi removed the hurdle of 13 legal procedures by one Cabinet note and gave ownership to 40 lakh people spread over in the unauthorized colonies of Delhi. Mr Kejriwal might try to take credit for this as well. It is his modus operandi.” 
Amit Shah also termed the Kejriwal 

“I want to tell you what the biggest obstacle is today. Modi Ji and Hardeep Ji want to work at a fast pace, but this Kejriwal government is a big hurdle. Kejriwal government impedes in every development work. Kejriwal did not extend the benefit of the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana to poor people because the Prime Minister's name is attached to that scheme. Kejriwal may not have allowed the work to be done, but the people of Delhi showed faith in BJP and we won all the seven seats in the Lok Sabha elections. Arvind Kejriwal had promised he would not take a bungalow or a car and several other such things, but he took them all. His Govt has not completed 80% of the welfare work he promised in 2015.”