Bengaluru: Keshav Rai, hailing from Delhi is now a successful businessman. 

He got into mechanical engineering, but soon realised it was not his cup of tea. But he continued to attend his classes, but was always on the lookout to do something different in life.

In his second year of engineering, he came up with a concept of creating a website in which college notes would be uploaded. Since several of his friends would need notes, he thought such a website would come in handy. He also would charge Rs 100 for its maintenance. But the idea did not click. 


Next, he created an app that would wake up people in the mornings. This app would also keep track of people for 10 minutes. When he explained this concept to his father, he was impressed and decided to invest a fortune in it.  But to this bad luck, it did not materialise. 

Frustrated at what was happening to him, Keshav went to a park and sat on a bench. 

But little did he know that this would be the turning point in his life. 

As he sat on the bench, pondering over, he came across a biker searching for a cleaner to clean his bike. 

That is when he decided to produce something like a cover to keep the bike clean. 

After a thorough research, they came up with a design, a cover that would keep the vehicle clean. 

He says, “When I came home and told my father the whole idea, he also liked it. We started research in this regard. Also searched Google and thought of making a bike blazer. A body bike cover that stays with the bike and keeps the bike clean. After much research a prototype was prepared. This cover can be pulled out by twisting a handle and inserted in the same way. Earlier this cover used to cover only the petrol tank and seat cover of the bike but later we went to update it and now the cover we are offering covers the entire car”. 

With his success, he started a company, the turnover of which is Rs 1 crore annually.