Bengaluru: Boxed to a corner over the Karnataka high court not yielding to his plea that the Enforcement Directorate (ED) summons be quashed in relation to the PMLA case, Congress trouble-shooter DK Shivakumar held a presser today at his residence in Sadashivanagar, Bengaluru, before emplaning to New Delhi to appear before the ED for questioning. 

Though he appeared quite strong on the outside, he looked quite disturbed from within. 

Right throughout the conference, Shivakumar stressed on the fact that he was and is a loyal Congress worker. 

“I am a Congress worker. Whatever I have done is for the sake of the party,” he said. 
If you study his statement, it is aptly clear that Shivakumar is pointing his fingers at the party and suggesting that he is in this seemingly untenable position because of the party’s diktats to him in order to keep it afloat. 

Be it safeguarding Gujarat MLAs as he protected them at a resort near Bengaluru a few years in relation to Ahmed Patel’s election to Rajya Sabha or be if safeguarding Maharashtra MLAs in a different situation, the Congress high command has always turned towards Shivakumar, eagerly beseeching him to bail them out of trouble. 

While Shivakumar has been a loyal party worker, he appears hurt at the fact that he has been left alone to fend for himself. 

“I don’t know who is supporting me or who is not. I am not bothered. I don’t want to compare as to what my chances are as compared to former Union finance minister P Chidambaram. Whatever I have done is for my party. I am a party warrior,” he added.  

Lastly, he put up a brave face, dragging his father into the entire issue, “I am the son of Kempegowda. I don’t run away. I am living sincerely. I am ready to face any investigation,” he asserted.