Bengaluru:  Aabhas Maldahiyar is a young man who had his roots in communism. As he grew up, it is needless to say the seeds of anti-Modi were sown in him.One day, one of his friends put up a post on Facebook giving several reasons as to why Modi should not be voted back to power for a second term.

This post made him wear his thinking cap. He mulled over writing a book that elucidates the reasons as to why, on the contrary, Modi should be given another term. Thoughts turned to words, and today (March 31), at a gala function in the city, Rajya Sabha MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Tarun Vijay, ex-Rajya MP released a book titled #ModiAgain. 

It all started with a journey to Ajanta caves. The science behind storing water to use it as a tool for reflection, thereby obtaining light to paint the walls of the caves, prodded this author to take to ancient studies.


People generally feel politics is dirty. But Rajeev stressed on the point as to how Modi had given a pleasant twist to it, by showing even politics can be a noble venture, if the endeavour is to serve the society. The MP also made fun of the Congress when it resorted to what’s called ‘strategic restraint’ and dialled up Washington as early as possible whenever a terrorist attack happened.

Tarun Vijay, on his part, wondered how Islamic rulers could enter the country and plunder it, thereby making it poorer.