Bengaluru: Imagine what happens to you when all your hard work goes for a toss, all because of a goof-up due to someone’s negligence! This is precisely what happened to a girl from Tumakuru.

Veenabai, a student of Vivekananda PU college at Pavagada, Tumakuru was dismayed and disillusioned to see her score in the Kannada subject. While she had scored ninety plus in various other subjects (Arts course), she had scored a paltry 10 in Kannada.

Immediately, based on her lecturer’s advice, she applied for a photocopy of her answer scripts. A few days after she had applied, she did get a photocopy of her answer scripts. And to her pleasant surprise, she had scored seventy-nine!

Incidentally, this was a botch up by the personnel who entered the marks in the result sheets. The evaluator had given her the apt marks. But due to negligence, the number entered in the result sheet was wrong, thereby creating some unnecessary confusion.

Veena’s is not the only case. Another student from the same college faced a similar issue.

Such goof-ups have certainly not gone down well with many. The fee charged to issue a photocopy is Rs 530. At a time when students from financially poorer backgrounds find it hard to pay exam fee, they feel, it is a burden to shell out Rs 530, that too, for not fault of theirs.

Will the board pitch in?