New Delhi: On Wednesday, celebrating the occasion of world environment day, Congress president Rahul Gandhi took to his social media and expressed concern over environmental degradation by calling out for making it into a 'political issue'. 

In his Facebook post, Gandhi said, “There is now enough scientific evidence to show that much of the degradation we have caused, particularly in the last hundred years or so, is irreversible. Global warming isn’t a myth. It’s a reality. Indias polluted cities, where citizens struggle to breathe, aren’t a myth, they too are reality.”

The Congress president blamed mankind’s ‘unstable' lust for power and wealth and warned that if environmental degradation is not reversed now then there may be no turning back.

He added, “Millions in India are suffering and even dying as a direct consequence of environmental degradation and the unwillingness of our government to address these issues on a war footing.”

He later demanded that these environmental issues be made into ‘political issues’ so that they get the importance they deserved and the government can be questioned upon not doing enough to stop the degradation.