Lucknow: A GoAir flight G8 150 had to make an emergency landing at Lucknow’s Chaudhary Charan Singh Airport on Thursday. 

The plane made the emergency landing due to a technical glitch. Sources say, the left engine of the aircraft malfunctioned, after being airborne. 

The aircraft was flying from Patna to Delhi. It was a Go Air flight.

The affected flight has been identified as the Delhi-bound G8 150.

The pilot contacted the local Air Traffic Control (ATC) and made an emergency landing.

The Patna-to-Delhi flight made the emergency landing at 6:30 PM, at the Lucknow airport.

Recent history of technical snags in GoAir flights


As reported by MyNation as and when these incidents occurred, on October 21, 2018, the infamous Neo engine had forced two Airbus aircraft to make emergency landings. The engines malfunctioned mid-air. In both cases, the airline was GoAir. In the first instance, it was G8 033 flying from Delhi to Male. The first engine failed after take-off and returned to Delhi. In the other instance, flight G8285 between Goa to Delhi had to turn back midway after a cargo smoke warning. A full emergency was declared when it made the landing back at the Goa Airport.


Before that, on September 2 last year, GoAir flight 283 aircraft had to make an emergency landing after the failure of its Neo engine mid-air. The incident happened after a Pune-bound GoAir 283 flight took off from Bengaluru airport. The inability of Neo engines has been persistent with several similar cases reported earlier. Neo engine problems are increasing day by day.


MyNation had reported on August 24 last year that aircraft engines of A320 Neo were failing to make the planes fly after 50 hours, which was not only a concern for the civil aviation sector in the country but also a threat to the lives of air passengers.

Due to non-availability of spare engines, a total of nine aircraft had been grounded till then, out of which seven belonged to IndiGo and two to GoAir. The grounding of these planes had until then affected about 1,25,000 passengers.