Medchal: 10-year-old Hemanth Kumar suffocated to death after his head got stuck in the grill door of an elevator at a Hyderabad apartment. 

Police said that the boy had attended school and returned. Soon after, he took the lift from the third floor to the ground. The elevator is believed to have moved even before Kumar had shut the door. Police believe Kumar’s neck could have been stuck in the grill door. As a result of this, the boy could have been suffocated to death.

Police said  that Kumar’s parents noticed him unconscious and tried to revive him, but in vain. A case of death due to negligence (Section 304 A of the Indian Penal Code) was booked. The body was shifted to the Gandhi Hospital morgue for autopsy.

Kumar’s parents were not ready to allow the police to send the body to Gandhi Hospital for the autopsy, but were persuaded by the police to complete legal formalities. The cops have now booked a case under IPC Section 304A (death by negligence).

The boy was a Class 5 student and is reportedly the son of the apartment’s watchman. The family was said to hail from Andhra Pradesh and had migrated to Hyderabad for work.

Back in 2017, a similar incident took place where an 8-year-old boy was crushed to death by an elevator in Karmanghat in Hyderabad after he peeped into the pit below the elevator when it was descending. The boy died as his head was crushed by it. In that case as well, the boy’s father  was working as a watchman in the building.