Purulia: In a bizarre incident from Bengal’s Purulia district, a man who was defecating in the open was picked up by an elephant and was carried away for quite a distance. 

According to reports, the man, identified as Niranjan Sahish, was relieving himself on a field when the incident happened. The tusker came out from nowhere and picked him up on its trunk. 

When the man started shouting, the animal also panicked and started running around with him on its trunk around the field. The animal carried him for around 50 meters and then dropped him. 

Sahish survived the incident with injuries on his back and leg.

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The incident has also made the villagers understand the importance of building toilets at homes. 

The National Annual Rural Sanitation Survey (NARSS) 2018-19, conducted by an independent verification agency under the supervision of the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation, also re-confirmed the open defecation free (ODF) status of 90.7% villages which were declared so by various districts and states.

Unfortunately, some villages do get left out. 

 Prime Minister Narendra Modi last year said how his government is a commitment to enhancing sanitation facilities.

"Today, on World Toilet Day, we reiterate our commitment towards enhancing cleanliness and sanitation facilities across the nation. We in India take pride at the remarkable speed with which sanitation cover has increased in the last four years," he said.